Attorney Advocate
Recovery Consultant & Addiction Counselor
Fit In Recovery delivers clinical counseling and legal advocacy services to support the benefits of a recovery lifestyle free of alcohol and drugs to willing participants seeking a gainful solution to personal and relational problems. In principled partnership, FIR guides individuals, families, and institutions in developing a customized outsourced recovery program designed to seamlessly fit the unique needs of daily life and organizational culture.
Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

Intervention Facilitator: orientation, preemptory and structured family sessions, treatment options, site visits.
Certified & Licensed Counselor: assessment, treatment options, appropriate placement; family recovery lifestyle, reunification planning, supportive community outreach.
Attorney Advocate: assistance with legal matters and judicial obligations; personal and professional conflict resolutions; coordination with treatment teams; design aftercare recovery needs by advocating best practice care standards.
Recovery Consultant: on-going assistance in recovery management.


Intervention Liaison: consultant to business management teams related to impaired employee performance, assessment criteria, and treatment options; advisor on professional licensing issues.
Approved Program Presenter: seminar speaker on topics required for continuation of professional licensure (MCLE/attorney) – Chemical Dependency & Recovery’s Solution, Motivational Communication Skills, and Practicing an Ethic of Self-Care.
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David Hobler, JD is an exemplar for bringing together helping disciplines in unique ways. David was at the front edge of the therapeutic jurisprudence movement and was one of the first to change the legal paradigm in the United States by advocating the legal world focus on human motivation - all to better help mandated clients.

Michael D. Clark, MSW (Executive Board member, International Association for Correctional & Forensic Psychology (IACFP) *Contractual Consultant (secretariat), United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime,Vienna, Austria)